September 20th, 2007

Scott and Logan

Queer Terms That Annoy

I was motivated by a post on niennah's journal, where she expressed distaste for the term "homosex" to try a poll.
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Please feel free to expand on your views in comments. I'll give mine after I see some results.

ETA: I'm a doofus when it comes to polls. I realized, in trying to fill it out myself, that some terms could bother one in certain contexts and others in different contexts and still others in all contexts. So feel free to complain about that in comments and also to explain which terms bother you in which.

My Take on the Words in Question

Okay, so I acknowledge this was a badly constructed poll. I was trying to get at whether the terms are annoying in of themselves or in context, but neglected to allow for different contexts for different terms.

That said, here are some comments on why terms do or do not bother me:

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I'll end by echoing marag's comment that any term rubs me the wrong way when clearly being used as a slur.