October 16th, 2007

magen david

Some Thoughts on Being Jewish in a Christian Society in General and on Christmas in Particular

I read some of the stuff on anti-Semitism that’s been floating in meta lately. Although it’s in my Ten Things I Assume You Know About Me, I’ll repeat now that I’m a Jew, that I’m very Jewishly identified and involved in Jewish community but I am not an Orthodox Jew and do not feel an obligation to restrict my activities on Jewish holidays in a way that would leave me not knowing about LJ posts that occur on Jewish holidays. Which is not to say that I always keep up with LJ or that I wouldn’t miss things because of being busy with the holiday (I don’t and I do), but that I don’t have any sense that I cannot read LJ on Sukkot or even on Shabbat for that matter. Different strokes for different folks.

So, with the caveat that the original issue did not apply to me, I’ll say that my general thoughts are: Collapse )

Okay, let’s talk about Christmas. And yes, I realize it’s early, but this has brought up some thoughts for me and I hope they’re helpful or at least interesting to some.

Collapse )

Maybe we can talk about Halloween next:-). FWIW, I'm pro.