October 20th, 2007


Why I Am Not Amused By Gay Dumbledore

- In seven long books, chock full of characters of all stripes, the only gay character is one who is never identified as such.

- JKR told the director of Half-Blood Prince not to put a romance in Dumbledore's past. Why? Because he's gay.

- He remains celibate, apparently, all his long life.

- The only "relationship" he ever has is unrequited love for a Bad Guy.

- He's a lonely old man who dies without anyone to love.

- Her message seems to be that doomed love, lack of sexual fulfillment and being a weird loner are the natural consequences of being gay. And even with that, that he's in love with a man is something too awful to put in the book.

Way to put a positive gay role model into children's books. Not.

ETA: I do recognize that there are positives to JKR's announcement. Dumbledore is a good guy, one of the heroes of the book. In many ways he is a positive role model, even if I can't see him as a positive *gay* role model. And, as minisinoo points out, JKR hasn't said that much yet and was just responding to a question, so perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt, and if it sounds like she's saying he didn't find love *because* he's gay, then that may just be an artifact of how the question was phrased and answered. I was mostly reacting in this post to what seemed like mindless squeeing at a gay Dumbledore without thinking about implications. As time has gone on, I've seen a lot more thoughtful analysis that sees something positive in the announcement, and I'm learning from the people who are thus analyzing. I love mindful squeeing.