November 2nd, 2007

magen david

Some Thoughts On Religion

This was sparked in part by a discussion on marag's journal, in part by this article on the New Atheists. Still, it will be a more personal, less detached, post than those sparks might suggest. It may be kind of self-indulgent, but hey it's my journal :-). I figure people can read if they're interested and not if they aren't. All the personal stuff is behind the cut.

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So I see my religious life as very important to me, very individual, and still evolving. I wish that more of the discussion of religion (on lj and irl) were of the "This is what my religious life - or lack thereof - means for me and does for me" variety and less of the "This is what you should or should not believe" variety. I find the former really interesting, no matter what the person's religious beliefs or non-beliefs! I find the latter approach at best annoying and at worst downright dangerous.