December 4th, 2007


Questions I Have Reading the News Lately

The Great Sudanese Teddy Bear Controversy - the kids chose "Muhammed" as a name for the teddy bear because it's such a common first name, in their experience. Why is it disrespectful to name an anthropomorphic character "Muhammed" but not disrespectful to name real people "Muhammed"?

Mike Jones, Gay Male Escort in the News - If gay male culture is so youth oriented, how is a 50-year-old guy making a living advertising on places with names like "Rentboy"?

Lori Drew's New Story - Lori Drew told the police that she created the Josh Evans account and that she, her employee, and her daughter all typed messages under that name when she complained to them about the Megan Meiers's parents destroying her foosball table. The police report is widely available. Why does she think people will believe her now when she says it was her daughter and the employee who did it and she had nothing to do with it? Wouldn't people be more likely to think she's even more scummy for doing this and then pinning it on her kid?

Why would anybody believe anything Rudy Giuliani says, especially if it has numbers in it?

Anyone with answers, please weigh in.