December 17th, 2007


My Son the International Movie Star, Part 2

Someone on an email list with me who lives in Amsterdam did a real (as opposed to Babelfish) translation of, the description and review of the documentary film Doran was in. Thank you, Jess! It's behind the cut for anyone who's interested.

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I think Doran has been a really good sport about this effort, considering the fact that the serious purpose of the movie is to show how naive and deluded he was and all the humor comes from poking fun at him.

I'm using the icon I usually use for reading, just because it has Doran with his pre-Marine hair cut. Now his hair is long and curly again.

Oh Canada!

I often regret my inability to live in the country of my birth. I moved to the US in 1978 because my then partner's student visa had expired. Canada was many years away from recognizing same-sex relationships so I could not sponsor her as a Landed Immigrant (the Canadian equivalent of the USAMerican "Resident Alien"). As a dual citizen I could live in either country, so I applied to grad school in the U.S. and we moved.

Now I have to stay in New York City until my kids are all grown, because I'm co-parenting with my ex. As the ads used to say, I love New York, but there are times when I wish I could move to the land of real winter, universal health care, and parliamentary government.

Still, stories like this one make me think there are some advantages to living in this country.