November 10th, 2008

Scott and Logan

A Questionable Proposition - Chapter 6 of 6

At least this time I knew I’d had a blow to the head. I can’t say I knew much else, but my head hurt like it had been hit and hit hard. I couldn’t remember where I was, though, or what had happened. I reached to my eyes before opening them, to make sure the glasses were there.

They weren’t, but something was covering my eyes. I put my hand over my eyes to block the optic blasts, thinking – as I often do – how strange it is that my skin stops that explosive force, whether it’s eyelids or my hand, and nothing else but ruby crystal does. With my hand in place, I tried to open my eyes, and couldn’t. I started feeling around my face, trying to pull off whatever was obstructing my eyes. And then I remembered – the Blackbird.

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This is the last chapter of a six-part story. It starts here.
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Additional Information for Readers of A Questionable Proposition

This story was written as part of the livelongnmarry auction to support efforts to combat Proposition 8 in California. Unfortunately we lost that one, but I am proud that the fandom corner of lj raised over $50,000 for this effort and that I was part of it, on both ends.

My original offer was:
I offer to write a story in the X-Men movieverse (any of the three movies) with your preferred characters and pairings. Story can be sexually explicit or not, as you prefer. I will include OCs from my previous fiction upon request. I write character-driven slash with complex plots, complex characters, and realistic sex (albeit realistic sex that incorporates mutant powers). My main pairing is Scott/Logan but I'm open to any pairing you choose and will write het or femslash or gen, as requested. My fiction can be found at

So, I’d agreed to take requests on characters, pairings and whether or not there would be explicit sex in the story. I didn’t explicitly agree to any particular plot elements, but I did want to accommodate as much as I could.
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My major research in this one, other than geographic, was about plane crashes. I’m pretty fascinated by crash landings where there are survivors and the almost superhuman effort that sometimes is expended by the pilot. I read a bunch of transcripts from black boxes as part of the research and the dialogue in the plane as it’s going down is pretty much drawn from real life.