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February 12th, 2014 - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal

February 12th, 2014

February 12th, 2014
03:16 pm


Recent Reading: Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon
Really engaging book about family dynamics and coping skills in families where the children differ in a major and unexpected way from their parents. This is not just a parenting book - although parents will certainly relate to it. Ultimately, though, it's a book about personal identity and where it comes from, using the circumstance of children who "fell far from the tree" to illuminate a search for identity that is part of the human condition.
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One odd omission is families with gay and lesbian children. It is particularly odd since the author is a gay man and in the first chapter talks about how his mother's difficulty with him coming out affected his identity development and gave him the idea for the book.

These are quibbles, though. I highly recommend this book, although given the physical size it is, as my SIL has said, a good argument for e-readers.

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