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February 18th, 2014 - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal

February 18th, 2014

February 18th, 2014
01:39 pm


Recent Reading: Beyond Queer: Challenging Gay Left Orthodoxy, a reader edited by Bruce Bawer
Beyond Queer: Challenging Gay Left OrthodoxyBeyond Queer: Challenging Gay Left Orthodoxy by Bruce Bawer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wonder what I would have thought of this book of essays if I had read it 20 years ago. I had found Bruce Bawer the most palatable of the gay neo-conservatives active at the time. His A Place at the Table, replete with personal stories, speaks cogently and affectingly in the voice of those who want to fit into society as it is, but want room to be gay. This is by contrast with the larger gay rights movement at the time (and to some extent over time) which tends to align itself with other struggles for civil rights and other progressive causes.

Bawer and the other essayists in this volume (almost all white men from privileged backgrounds - 2 of 41 essays are written by women) want to avoid mixing causes. They also want a conservative solution - one that allows private discrimination but ends government sponsored discrimination. It's not a political philosophy or worldview I embrace, but it's interesting and in some of these essays their position is well argued.

Read more...Collapse )In sum, I'm glad I read it but I don't know that I recommend it. If someone wants to understand the gay neo-conservative view, I'd more likely recommend either Andrew Sullivan's Virtually Normal or Bawer's A Place at the Table.

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