May 1st, 2014


Thoughts on Watching House While Recuperating

House, MD, which I never saw when it was on television, has come to Netflix. I'm home with a broken leg and have been binge watching. I'm in the middle of Season 2. Some thoughts/questions/comments:

- Vicodin is good stuff, but I can't imagine how he can work while taking those. I can barely keep my eyes open when I do.
- Why do House and Wilson never refer to Wilson's wife by name? I get that she and House don't get along, but presumably he knows her name. And it's really not usual for someone to say "my wife" rather than a name when talking to his best friend.
- I definitely see the slash potential in House/Wilson that got everyone interested in the first place.
- In the first season they tried for lots of dramatic medical scenes but nothing disgusting. The patients were always seizing or having heart attacks or falling down unconscious. But they avoided vomiting (unless it was blood, which is more dramatic than disgusting) or diarrhea and the surgery was always very carefully filmed to avoid looking too gross. By the second season either they felt they had their audience sold and could take more risks, wanted to make it look more realistic, or both. There are plenty of disgusting stuff coming out of the patients, and you get to see someone's hand cut off, too.
- I really like all the characters, and find the stories engaging. I'm willing to suspend disbelief as needed.
- I've started wondering if I really have a broken leg. Maybe I just think I have a broken leg and I really have something much more complex and subtle to diagnose...