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Interest Meme - Mo's Journal
September 20th, 2005
05:17 pm


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Interest Meme
I got this one from talktooloose

LJ Interests meme results
are there behind the cut...

  1. breastfeeding:
    When I took a pre-partum lactation class during my first pregnancy, I told myself I would "try" to breastfeed for at least 6 months. I was worried about pumping, since I was going back to work full time at 8 weeks. Well, who knew? The more I learned about breastfeeding, the more I progressed from trying to breastfeeding to lactivism to true lactomania :-). My parenting partner and I both breastfed all three kids and I racked up 8 years of total breastfeeding (and that's with only a few months with Kendra, since as the non-birth mother I found I couldn't get much milk and she went down to one breastfeeding mother after around 4 months).

    I breastfed pretty much anywhere I was; I pumped at work for a year with two of the kids (didn't need to with Kendra since I didn't give birth); I pumped on jury duty; I got my employer to provide breastfeeding and pumping support as an employee benefit; I shocked my new doctor when I said that I wasn't going to have a mammogram yet because I was still breastfeeding ("There must be some mistake," she said. "It says here your youngest child is three") but then she told me she breastfed for years because of meeting me :-). I went from looking at LLLI as a bunch of crazy women obsessed with breastfeeding to a group on the right track, who could do some real good if only they were a little more committed.
  2. etymology:
    I love words and everything about them - how they sound, what they mean, and especially where they come from.
  3. fantasy:
    I've always had a rich fantasy life. I've liked reading fantasy fiction often, too. For both sci-fi and fantasy what I look for is feeling completely immersed in a place and time not my own.
  4. jean grey:
    When I was a kid I identified with Jean. Well, duh! She was the girl. I didn't see a lot of chemistry between her and Scott in the movie, but I liked her. I didn't like how slashers often made her an awful person to kind of get her out of the way. My Jean is really in love with Scott and really hurt when he leaves her, but she's not vindictive and she's highly motivated to build a post-breakup relationship with him, since they're still going to be X-Men together.
  5. new york city:
    I moved to New York City in 1980, with the idea that it would be for 2-5 years. I got hooked. I love urban life, I love the opportunities and the variety.
  6. park slope:
    My neighborhood. I couldn't believe my luck finding a neighborhood that's so totally right for me. It's a lesbian neighborhood and a family-friendly, kid-friendly one. Easy commute to lower Manhattan. Interesting, funky restaurants, shops and bars. Great parks and playgrounds. World class art museum and million book library within walking distance. And Park Slope Jewish Center - the shul I never knew could exist, the one where I feel perfectly at home.
  7. same sex marriage:
    I was married for more than a quarter century. My marriage wasn't legally recognized. That caused problems for us all, and still does post-divorce. Some day we'll get equal marriage rights. The Lovings did. When I first came out I never would have believed I'd see same sex marriage in my lifetime.
  8. scott summers:
    My guy :-). I like all my characters, at least a little, but he's special. His troubles affect me more than any of the others' do. And in some strange ways, he's the one who's most like me, even though I'm neither a man nor a mutant nor an English teacher nor a closet case. I started writing X-Men movieverse because of Logan, but I stayed for Scott.
  9. star wars:
    I'm a late convert to Star Wars but an avid one. My kids were always Star Wars fans. Eventually they wore me down, and I'm glad they did.
  10. writing:
    I've always loved writing and generally had writing-related hobbies. But I never wrote fiction and never wanted to until I began writing fanfic almost 5 years ago. It's the best hobby I've ever had - the most creative, the most fulfilling, the most educational, the most fun, the best for meeting interesting people. It's also the hardest work of any hobby I've ever had. All of these are good things chez moi.

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