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To All and Sundry, Near and Far, My F-List in Particular - Mo's Journal
December 6th, 2005
09:03 am


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To All and Sundry, Near and Far, My F-List in Particular
I'd like to recommend a graphic novel that's being serialized online at http://www.jmarshallfreeman.com. It's called "The Release Party" and a new installment is posted each Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to Wednesdays like never before. "The Release Party" is intriguing, sometimes funny, with characters and relationships that feel very real and a genuine plot, as well. I'm amazed with what he's able to do with line drawings and very few words. There's a sense of more happening than you can see. There are flashes of humor along the way. Freeman reminds me of Spiegelman in his ability to give novelistic depth in the comic book form. Bravo! Check it out, folks, if you get a chance.

(Two points to the first person who recognizes the quote/paraphrase in the subject line)

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Date:December 6th, 2005 03:28 pm (UTC)
*is compared to Spiegleman*

*dives under rock blushing*

You're more than kind. I am hoping that in the new year the number of pages I post each week will double and the story won't be so achingly slow. Of course, it's going faster than Domenika's ult-x fic...
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