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My week for meeting LJ friends irl and what's a lesbian to do with a gazillion condoms?

I met two lj friends in person for the first time this week. I also acquired a gazillion condoms, through strange and wondrous events. I'm accepting suggestions in comments on what I might do with them. Keep in mind that I work somewhere where they give them out for free - large bowls of them everywhere - so even if I did have a use for them, I have no supply problems. Although the ones I got last night are more...varied than what's available at work.

On Thursday I had a lovely lunch in Chinatown with cherrypin_up. She and I met through fanfic - of all places! cherrypin_up was my first website designer, back when the idea of me having a website seemed very far-fetched. But she assured me that "if we build it they will come" and she built a beautiful site and they did. When we were first getting to know each other we talked a lot about slash and such, but also about kids and attachment parenting and relationships. We'd lost touch for a while there and it has been great getting reacquainted. And what fun to meet in person! She's as fun and sweet and interesting as I could have hoped for. Her friend Faye was thoroughly delightful, too (is she on lj cherrypin_up? I'd like to friend her). I hope the rest of their NYC vacation is going well. And don't forget to send me kid pics.

Yesterday I was thrilled to meet fellow X-Men fan talktooloose. We had lunch in my neighborhood and then he came back to my place and hung out for a while (and he was soooo sweet to my son and talked to him like an adult, which was much appreciated). I loved hanging out with talktooloose! We talked X-Men, we talked Jewish stuff, we talked gay stuff, we talked comics (although he and Doran did more of that - I mostly listened) and fandom and I felt like we'd known each other for years. And he gave me the absolutely coolest t-shirt that I think I need to go to a con to wear (or at least will have to explain constantly to anyone who sees it and the explanations would require more background if I were not at a con). I hope this will be the first of many rl meetings.

Last night my lover and I went to a dinner dance and silent auction sponsored by a GLBT organization she's involved in. She bid on a "party package" provided by a condom shop, because it had an iPod in it. And she won, so we went back to her place with the iPod (and a really nice basket that I'm scheming to appropriate) but also with a lot more condoms, lube, and vibrating cock rings than really are useful for someone living a lesbian lifestyle.

I did try giving some of the condoms (I can think of uses for the other stuff) away before we left. "How did you do that?" I hear you cry. Why, how would anybody? I walked up to random men and offered them some. One guy demurred a bit but I told him the night was young and he still might get lucky. Looking at the huge assortment of condoms I was forcing into his hand, he said "I've never been that lucky in my life." So, anyway, we came home with a gazillion condoms but we started off with a gazillion and a half.

And okay, so maybe I slightly overstepped the bounds of conventional behavior, but it was in a good sex positive cause. After all I'm the one who spends my weekdays with my work ID on a lanyard round my neck that says "Making the World Safe for Sex." And besides, I didn't really go beyond the bounds of good taste. My pitch was very discreet ("Hey, want some condoms? Here, please take some.") If I didn't have a very refined sense of propriety, I might have said, "Would you prefer the condoms with a local anesthetic for 'climax control'? Or perhaps some flavored ones - I've got a variety of fruit flavors here, plus vanilla and mint- which I think might provide a kind of nice tingle? Or maybe extra large? I do think some guys go for the extra large who don't really need them, yk, but it could be kind of impressive to flash the package in the bar." And I didn't say any of that. I am the apotheosis of discretion.

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