Mo (mofic) wrote,

Remix - what fun!

Okay, so I did remixredux for the first time. For those who don't know the concept, each participant gets assigned an author (who is also a participant) and chooses one of her/his stories to rewrite. You keep plot and pairings the same, but you can change the POV, the tone, the ending, whatever. So each person who participates gets to rewrite a story by someone else and gets to see how someone else rewrites one of his/hers. The remixed stories are posted anonymously at first, but eventually the identities of the rewriters are revealed.

They came out today. I can't break anonymity by saying who I got or which I wrote, but I will say that I took a kind of sweet and romantic story and made it thoroughly creepy whilst changing the POV. I joked to talktooloose just yesterday that someone would take one of my creepy stories and make it romantic. And that's exactly what happened.

The story of mine that got rewritten was "The Demon Lover," from my Canadian Nights series. It's told first person from Cyclops's POV. In it he's trying to cope with Logan seemingly having some sort of nervous breakdown, without letting on to anyone else what's going on. Scott offers everything he's got - sex, back rubs, reasonable argument, poetry - to help Logan calm down and see his paranoid delusions for what they are. The story is at if anyone wants to check it out.

Well, my remixer did something I wouldn't have thought possible: rewrote the story from Logan's POV and made it kind of romantic and loving. And managed to do it with an in character Wolverine at that! I enjoyed the remix a lot. I particularly loved the contrast between the way the original one has Scott talking a lot, trying to get through to Logan and the remix has Logan not even registering most of what Scott's saying - just focused on sensation. I think together you get a good picture of some of the differences between them.

The remixed story can be found at Go read it and tell the author what you think! I've already thanked her. I have no idea who she is, but I'm curious to find out. My guess is she's not someone I know, though, because the style doesn't seem familiar.

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