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The Icon Meme - Mo's Journal
April 7th, 2006
09:50 am


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The Icon Meme

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Date:April 7th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
I love all my characters, at least a little bit (yes, even slimy Rick Kappell) but Adam's definitely my favorite of the OCs. That's probably why I write so much about him.

The baby orangutan story: My spouse-at-the-time and I spent a month in India. We were at the Delhi Zoo with two young friends one day. We were looking at the animals; everyone else was looking at us. It seems two white women with two Indian children was not an everyday sight there. Anyway, it was a little uncomfortable, but most of the attention was of the positive-yet-curious variety.

As the zoo was closing, the animals were being taken to their night cages and a zoo keeper took this baby orangutan out of her cage and my spouse tried to take a picture. The keeper asked, "Do you want me to bring her out there so you can get a picture without the bars?" (Believe me this never happens at the Bronx Zoo). I stood there side by side with her to have my picture taken, holding her hand, but she put her arms up just like a human baby and I picked her up. I don't think you can tell in the icon, but in the original it's clear that her arm wrapped all the way around my neck!

We had a bunch of copies made of the photo and distributed them. It was on my grandfather's nightstand until he died. My cousin went to Australia once and sent me a picture of her holding a koala. On the back she wrote "I couldn't find an orangutan!"

I wrote a story once where Logan holds a baby orangutan. I often say that anatomy being what it is I have to make all the sex up. Still, if someone in one of my stories is holding a baby orangutan, it's 100% pure unadulterated BTDT Write What You Know!

Kendra and Zara are my younger two kids (I should get a Doran icon). Kendra is going to Adam Greenfield's alma mater - Stuyvesant High - next year.

Oh, and my hair was close to waist length (albeit curly and a little unpredictable from as soon as I was allowed to grow it (mid-junior high) until 1987, when I cut it all off.
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