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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta - Mo's Journal
May 30th, 2006
02:02 pm


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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta

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Date:May 31st, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC)
That's a very interesting idea, and could be really fruitful to develop for fanfic. The Wizarding World is, as you say, old-fashioned in a lot of its attitudes and views. And I've been saying 1950s, but I think you're right that it has more of a between-the-wars feel to it. Of course some of the Wizarding World activities seem downright medieval because of the lack of technology, but in general they have a twentieth century feel, but 75 or so years ago.

So what happened to cause that? One could do all sorts of interesting things with that idea. You can mix it in with the often stated fact that most wizards are not pure-bloods, that they would have died out if they hadn't intermarried with Muggles. Soooooo, they went along with this kind of parallel society for generations, with some mixing and some intermarriage and then BLAM! (excuse me, I come from a comics-based fandom) something happened. Whatever the something was, it caused a greater separation between wizards and muggles. In the books you don't see any true intermarriages between Wizards and Muggles (except for the ill-fated Merope/Riddle match). You see witches like Lily who come from Muggle families marrying wizards, but that's not quite the same thing. So one could posit a definite move towards separation.

And then in the second half of the twentieth century the Muggle society changed at a faster and faster pace while the Wizard one stayed much as it was, Brigadoon-esque. Hence this feel of familiarity yet not quite our society.

So what was it that happened that caused the rift? Maybe something associated with the Great War? Maybe something associated with technology? Maybe that's when the Ministry of Magic develops its Department of Muggle Affairs and goes from sort of quietly existing along the sidelines of Muggle life to both hiding out and monitoring the larger society. It could make for a good story...
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