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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
May 30th, 2006
02:02 pm


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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta

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Date:June 1st, 2006 01:03 pm (UTC)

Here via Daily Snitch

Very interesting points. I've said quite a bit about the Ginny-hate already in various other places, so I won't get into that except to say once again that most of the "justification" I've seen made for it seems very silly.

basically it seems out of character to me, based on what we know of her before, that she doesn’t respond to Harry’s noble "I can’t be with you because my enemies would take advantage of my love for you" with "Screw that! We’ll fight them together"

I know this was kind of a side comment, but I think she reacts the way she does, not because she doesn't think (at least to herself) "Screw that! We'll fight them together." I think she's telling him what he needs to hear at that moment. He feels he needs to distance himself from her, and she understands that. I think she knows how difficult it is for him, and she doesn't want to make things worse by getting into an argument over it. I fully expect her to play (or try to play) a huge part in the Voldemort plot in Book 7, despite her calm acceptance of what Harry said at Dumbledore's funeral.

As for the sex stuff - I agree that there's more going on than can be talked about in a children's book. But I don't see Ginny as having gone that far with any of her boyfriends. First, I don't think it would have happened with Harry yet, since they only dated for a few weeks, and if it had happened, I think JKR would have found some (incredibly subtle) way to allude to it. I think the closest we get is the "particularly happy hour" spent by the lake in ch. 25 (which I see as probably a bit more than kissing - "second base," if you will - but not literally sex, especially as it's happening out on the school grounds).

And if she didn't have sex with Harry, I don't think she would have with Michael or Dean either, since we know that even while she was dating those two boys, she still had hopes for Harry. I could see her coming close to having sex - maybe even deciding to do it - but backing out at the last minute or something. I can't see her taking that step with her other two boyfriends if Harry was still in the back of her mind. But I may just be naïve. :P

My claim to brilliance (well, my kids think it was brilliant) was that when Ginny Weasley showed up for about two seconds in the first book I said she would end up with Harry.

Oh, me too! I thought the whole train scene practically screamed "Dingdingdingding! This is the girl!" :)

Thanks for this post!
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Date:June 1st, 2006 01:26 pm (UTC)

Re: Here via Daily Snitch

Hi, thanks for weighing in. Oooh, and I think I know now what "D/S" meant in someone else's comment: Daily Snitch. ::scales fall from eyes::

As to your explanation of Ginny's reaction to Harry breaking up with her - I think that would be a really considerate, mature way to react. I just don't know that it's what I'd expect from a mid-teenager, particularly one who's kind of feisty.

I'm mulling over the sex thing, after reading a couple more comments here. I spend a lot of time with teenagers and ime when kids in couples have the kind of physical comfort with each other that Ginny and Harry show in HBP, they are having sex. OTOH, I'm speaking about a milieu where sex between teenage couples is considered a possibility, is not frowned upon by their peers, is accepted by at least some of the parents, is kind of assumed if the couple stays together for any length of time. So, I may be overgeneralizing improperly to a society with more restrictions on sex among adolescents. OT3H (lend me a hand, will you), it doesn't seem like those restrictions on talking about sex or acknowledging sex really do translate to not having sex. Have you seen the recent studies showing that about 50% of teens who make abstinence pledges have sex within a year?
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