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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta - Mo's Journal
May 30th, 2006
02:02 pm


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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta

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Date:June 1st, 2006 01:33 pm (UTC)
So, if you are considering the wizarding world as an conservative alternate universe (I mean, they do wear *robes*), not the real-muggle-world-related universe, it may actually be reasonable that the sex is so little-mentioned. It is possible that sex is not censored out by the author, but that's just the way it is there. People don't tell.

Yes, but they are third person narratives, so the author chooses to tell us what she wants to. We as the readers know lots of things that aren't spoken about among the characters.

I'm thinking a lot about the whole issue of the lack of sex in the books. I do think it's a little weird :-) in a modern book about teenagers. I certainly didn't expect to read about sex in _Little Women_ because that's the convention of the time in which it was written, as opposed to the time it takes place iykwim. When I read historical fiction, for example, I want the history to be very accurate and I don't want the people to talk in a modern way or about modern things. OTOH, I do want a twentieth or twenty-first century take on it in the sense that I'd like the author to move beyond the taboos of the time. Do you know Sarah Waters? I think she accomplishes that very well.

And, by the way, I firmly believe that Ginny = slut, like HPSS slash, are purely notions of Fandom.

Oh definitely. If JKR wanted Ginny to be a slut, she wouldn't be pairing her off with her hero.

Oh, btw are you the mon I know? Hey, get yourself a lj account so you can read friends-only posts. You don't have to actually post anything...
Date:June 1st, 2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's me :-)

No, I don't know Sarah Waters. Name me some of her books? Maybe I've heard of them...

About that lack of sex, I am thinking, is it posible that the sex-not-mentioned universe is *Rowling's* perceive world of this time? I mean, if nobody around her has that kind of idea... It's like I wouldn't understand, say, Punk, because it is not my style and I don't know any people of that style.
It's not like her kids would tell her, yes?

Oh and the narrative. It may be third-person, but it is still (mostly) Harry's POV.

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Date:June 1st, 2006 02:03 pm (UTC)
I think it's definitely Rowling's view of the world - maybe not as it is, but as it should be? I don't know. Mostly I'm fine with children's books and comic books not having sex in them. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. If the books were written for adults they'd be written with an assumption of some sexual knowledge, even without actual sex, as minisinoo points out elsewhere in this thread.

Sarah Waters writes historical fiction with lesbian characters. Tipping the Velvet is probably her best known. Fingersmith is my favorite, but I think they're all wonderful.
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