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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
May 30th, 2006
02:02 pm


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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta

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Date:June 6th, 2006 04:01 pm (UTC)
As to whether Ginny specifically had sex with any of her boyfriends... I think it's plausible (though far from certain and maybe unlikely) that she had sex with Dean.

I hhink it is highly unlikely, for a number of reasons

- the whole wizarding society, from what we see of it in snippets of Diagon Alley, and so on, has a definite old-fashioned/conservative feel to it
- The Weasley's themselves, seem to have a very conservative feel to them as well: witness, Ron and Molly's use of the rather archaic term "Scarlet Woman". Witness how embarassed Percy was about being caught kissing by Ginny, and how gleeful the three younger brothers were when they found out. And as several others have mentioned, note that Fleur did not share a room with Bill at the Weasley's house.

Then there is just the rather practical nature of where. Your average student does not have an invisibility cloak, nor "The Map". The castle is patrolled at night, Peeves pops all over the place, ghosts wander around... I just don't think there is much opportunity.
(and just forget the "sock on the doorknob" thing... There are FIVE guys in Harry's room. That is way too many to coordinate. Let alone the fact that neither Ron nor Harry would be at all interested in cooperating with Dean on that front... Really, though it is not stated, I would theorize that room checks like this would be expected of house prefects.)

A wild card in all this, of course, is the background of the Muggleborn like Dean and Hermione. Still, from age 11 on, they are immersed in the magic culture for 10 months of the year. Who knows...

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