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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
May 30th, 2006
02:02 pm


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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta

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Date:June 6th, 2006 07:26 pm (UTC)
Here from the Harry/Ginny otp community.

Hum... I must admit, I asked myself this very question when a couple of smut ideas ran through my head recently. How far did Harry and Ginny go? Not very, to my mind.

Somehow I imagine that Ginny and Ron (and Percy) were the children who Molly really taught that they should wait to sleep with someone - although probably not wait until they were married. Bill, Charlie and the twins, on the other hand, were probably at it like rabbits. If Ron was considered attractive, how much more so were his adventurous, sporty and smart brothers?

I imagine that Hogwarts had a sexual revolution as much as the Muggle world did, although it probably didn't get as far. Ron's reaction to Hermione kissing Krum suggests that the wizards aren't as liberal as Muggles - not least because the wizarding world views Muggle-borns and their ideas with suspicion and/or ignorance. Ron is wound up at the idea of Hermione kissing Krum - the idea of them having sex would probably kill the poor chap.

However, when Ron gets his own fling with Lavender, we learn that he's a faily typical adolescent male - roving hands and all. Still, it's never suggested that they slept together.

I can't help but feel that as Ginny grew up dreaming about Harry, and hasn't entirely got over him, she wouldn't have slept with Dean or Michael - she didn't love them.

I don't imagine that Hermione slept with Krum, either - she seemed too young. Had he been around during HBP, then maybe she might have done - but if it had been for revenge on Ron, then she would have regretted it.

Of the four main characters, I'd see Hermione as the most likely to sleep with someone before leaving Hogwarts. Muggle born and raised, not starved of love, and generally the most mature of them all, she would select someone she cared about - be it Viktor or Ron.

Ron, to my mind, would. But the Hermione factor stopped him going to far with Lavender (and the fear of Molly). He was always aware that she was there, and didn't want to ruin his chances with her, which that would have done - possibly irreparably. Had that been removed - if Hermione had become involved with McClaggen, say - then he might well have let circumstances go their way.

(Interesting that I could see both of them losing their virginity to someone else in order to spite the other - too much Dawson's Creek etc. for me...)

Ginny, as previously mentioned, seems something of a romantic at heart. I think that she would have done - if she'd fallen in love with someone. The signs were, though, that neither Michael nor Dean were so favoured.

As for Harry, he's too noble for a one-night stand (Cliche, but true to my mind) although I could see things going fairly far before he said stop - simply because he'd be a bit overwhelmed by it all. He also doesn't strike me as agressive - not at that stage of his life, anyway. He wouldn't push for sex, being too afraid of losing his relationship with his gf.

And there's also the magical factor. Total free will is supressed at Hogwarts, of course, as we've seen by the restrictions on boys in the girls dorm. At some point during its thousand years pluss of life, I can imagine there would have been a scandal, and measures would have been put in place to prevent too much sexual activity. Whether it's the magical equivalent of bromide in the tea (the boys seem a lot less hormonal than the girls) or a wide-ranging Chastening Charm that keeps people's pants on, I don't know.

Of course, with Dumbledore dead, and the world at war, it's pretty well up for grabs now - a quick flick through the Magical Kama Sutra and it's "...for tomorrow we may die" time.

But to get back to the main point, I don't think Ginny did - but it wouldn't surprise me if some of the students did. Of course, there's a lot that wouldn't due to being fat/ugly/nerds/chaste/shy and all the other reasons that preent people from having sex in school where everyone is stereotyped and only 'cool' people have sex (for a given value of 'cool' - anyone see Luna as Michelle the flautist from American Pie?) Of course, Hogwarts is only home for about eight months out of the year, and with Floo powder, Disillusioning Charms, Silencing Charms... The possibilities are endless.
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