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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta - Mo's Journal
May 30th, 2006
02:02 pm


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Jumping into Harry Potter Meta

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Date:June 9th, 2006 07:03 pm (UTC)

Re: Surprised but not really

How odd that JKR - a single mother herself - presents everyone as happily married.

Ah, but then we always want what we cannot or do not have. One example (from my own experience). My mother's parents were married all their life but they almost never lived together since my grandfather mover out and lived with another woman. From time to time he came to his wife and his daughter only to trash the furniture and threaten his wife. You see, my mother's family when she was young was by no means perfect.
But what is her greatest wish, the perfect family. Only she went about it all wrong. She married an alcoholic and refused to leave him even when everyday life was getting so bad that they were fighting every day and every night. My mother is now 48 years old (I am 24) and it took all in all 29 years before my mother finally decided that her childrens' and her own wellfare are more important than having a perfect family.

You see, JK Rowling might have been a single parent at the time she started Harry Potter but she thought to be the ideal what she did not have. What would have happened had she been married at the time she started? Would she have started writing? It is an interesting idea to think about what might have turned out differently had she been married.

Of course the remarkable thing about that is that Harry is so very not safe - he's abused for 10 years of his childhood by his mother's relatives.

Yes, it is true that Harry is abused from his aunt and uncle but somehow it is also (in some weird kind of way) a protection against the world. Harry is forced to stay away from the wizard world. If he had been brought up more liberal with people who had encouraged his using magic and who had had connections to the magical world, there would always have been the danger that on one of his shopping trips or visits to a magical spot or community some former deatheater or crazy dark lord wannabe tried to kidnap him or attack him. Harry is islated during his stay with the Dursleys and that is another blanket of security for him. (as I already said in a weird kind of way)

But what to make of Sirius's mother, whom he hates and who seems to have felt similarly about him?

But then we know very little about Sirius family. We get to know that his parents stayed married, his cousines all get married and stay loyal to their spouses whatever else might happen to them (take the Lestranges for example who even sent to Azkaban together.
I think the core of the bad relationship between Sirius and his mother is the "betrayal" from Sirius' side. In his mother's eyes he went against everything the Black family believed in. Just take a look at what happens when Percy starts working for the ministry and belittles the way his family lives. I know that Molly does not react the way Mrs. Black does but Percy's "betrayal" certainly causes a thrift between him and his family.

In the end I have to say that JK Rowlings writing is sometimes somewhat inconsistent. She sometimes forgets what she wrote in prior books. Things can happen.
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