Mo (mofic) wrote,

New Series: Summers in a Sea of Glory

Fandom: X-Men Movieverse

Series Title: Summers in a Sea of Glory

Summary: Jean is back, for real this time. Complications ensue for Scott and Logan.

Scenario/Sequel: This is the third and final series in my post-X2 saga. It’s a sequel to Returning Spring, which in turn was a sequel to After the Fall, which started shortly after the end of X2: X-Men United. In addition, A Fine Romance is a one-shot story that is connected with the three series, although not necessary for understanding them. These stories all draw upon the first two X-Men movies as their canon. I use some characters and concepts from the comics and other sources (e.g. the novelization of the first movie) but feel bound only to be consistent with what’s portrayed in the two movies.

Pairing: Scott/Logan mostly, but there is reference to other couples.

Length: Summers in a Sea of Glory is 10 stories long, totaling approximately 28,000 words.

Rating: This series is rated NC/17 because it contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity.

Disclaimer: The X-Men and Alpha Flight belong to Marvel. The movies belong to Fox. Ethan Alan Leeds and Cassandra are products of my fevered imagination. I get no monetary reward from writing these stories, just enjoyment.

Archiving and Forwarding: Certainly, just ask. Alternate file formats available upon request.

Feedback: Yes, please! Write to me at

Note to Readers of My Prior Stories: My X2 stories start from scratch. They are out of continuity with my other fiction, which was based only on the first movie. I use some of the same ideas and elements I’ve used before (e.g. Scott is still an English teacher) but many of the characters and relationships are different from what they were in my previous fiction. Remember: none of that stuff in the other stories has happened. Further, please note that although this series is being published after X3, it does not incorporate the events of that movie.

Note on Literature Referenced in the Series: As my Scott is an English teacher, my fiction tends to be full of literary quotes and allusions. More information on the literature referenced in the stories can be found, with urls to read the works themselves, in a separate literature guide I will post at the end of the series. It contains spoilers, so should be read after the series itself.

Acknowledgements: Big thanks to Vision, Anaptyxis, Stacey and kestrelsparhawk for sticking with me to the somewhat bitter end on this one, and to others who helped out along the way. They caught errors, gave ideas, and improved the stories. Mistakes are mine alone. Thanks as well to Sam Walker, for all the nifty Vermont information and to RGB, for letting me use her house in Peru (although it's changed so much I doubt she'll recognize it.)
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