Mo (mofic) wrote,

That Judgment Cannot Cure (Summers in a Sea of Glory, 4/10)

I wasn’t so mad at him after that day. The day when we had the mission at the zoo. I’m not sure why. I sure as fuck had been mad at him before. But then a lot happened on that day and things changed somehow.

Scott and me hadn’t talked, hadn’t fucked, hadn’t done much of anything together since Vermont, and I’d just been getting madder and madder. Keeping it to myself, but it was there all the time. I wasn’t even sure what I was mad about, but I couldn’t look at him without feeling this rage or something. And shame, too. Feeling like I’d been tricked, betrayed, like I’d fallen for a pack of lies. Hating him for telling me all that stuff, hating myself for believing him. Feeling like things had been just fine with him and me before he started getting this love stuff in his head. Why’d he have to go ruining everything? Only I didn’t say anything about it. Didn’t know what to say. And then it just came out in the meeting about Cassandra. Maybe that’s what I needed – just yell at him, even if it wasn’t about what I really was mad for. Relieve some of the tension.

Or maybe fucking helped. It usually puts me in a better mood. Like I said, we hadn’t done it since before Jeannie got back to being herself. I hadn’t done it with anybody else, neither. Doing without always makes me pretty surly, I know. I was real mad at him when he followed me down to the Danger Room that day. Mad, but not just mad. Feeling other stuff, too. Wanting him, even if I didn’t want to think about that. And not wanting to talk about anything.

Only he keeps going on and on and trying to get me to tell him what’s on my mind. “Talk to me, Logan.” “Why are you so angry at me all the time, Logan?” I was wishing he’d just shut up. I didn’t know whether to tell him to get the fuck out, punch him in the face, or stick my dick in his mouth. I wasn’t planning on kissing him, wasn’t planning on anything. But then I did, and one thing led to another, and it all felt really good. Started off as angry sex, but it felt good. After a while I started wanting him to feel good, too. I felt kind of close to him after. Not so mad anymore, anyway.

Or maybe it was the fighting that made the difference – fighting on the same side. We still didn’t know what Magneto was up to – not that day, anyway. So we couldn’t call the mission an entire success. There was still stuff to do – find out what that metal guy was there for and, when we did, we had to figure out how to stop him. But that was still a day or two away. That day, after we got back from the zoo, we were feeling pretty good. Hey, we did manage to save those people, and we brought back Pyro and turned him over to the Professor. Who wanted to “rehabilitate” him, which seems like a real stupid idea to me, but who cares?

Yeah, we accomplished the mission, at least that first part, and it made me feel good. Good about being an X-Man. Felt good about Scott, too, at least some of the time.

Seeing Scott in action, working together like that, it did something to me. I don’t know what exactly. It reminded me of what we’re good at together, made all this other stuff seem not so important or something.

Other stuff. Like whether he really wants to be with me or get married to Jean. Well, he sure seemed like he wanted to be with me when he had a mouthful of my dick. He sucks me like it’s all he ever wanted to do in this life. And then after, when I was fucking him, and I could feel his dick moving in my hand while I pushed into him again and again. The sounds he was making, the things he was saying. When I’m doing it with him, it’s hard to believe he wants anything – anyone – but me, hard to believe he’d give up what we’ve got for anything. But there’s more than sex involved here. Well, more than sex for him and Jean anyway. And I used to think there was more for him and me, too, but now I’m thinking maybe not. Not much point thinking about it, anyway.

Lots of other stuff to think about. What Magneto was looking for at the zoo when he and Pyro started that distraction became clear real quick. An animal had been stolen from the zoo infirmary while we were busy rescuing the people trapped in the cable cars. Metal doors had mysteriously opened and a baby gorilla there had been taken. A baby gorilla they’d taken out of the gorilla exhibit two weeks before.

This animal that was snatched had been really strange. That’s why they took it off the display. It seemed to be spooking all the other ones. Its own mother was rejecting it, and the rest of the gorilla group was suddenly doing all this crazy gorilla shit. Well, even more crazy than usual gorilla shit, I guess – attacking each other, self-mutilating. So, they took the weird one out and right away they all calmed down. And the vets there were observing it, trying to figure out what was wrong with this one. Only I guess Magneto must have known what was wrong with it. He must know he could use that animal for something, too. We didn’t know what yet but we knew whatever it was it couldn’t be good. And I was fine working with Scott and them to try to figure it out, try to get the gorilla back. Mostly I wasn’t even thinking about the other stuff, just working.

Sometimes I thought about him, though. I mean, not thought about him as the field leader, but thought about him and me. I don’t know if I believe him or not that he’s not getting back together with Jean. I don’t know if he even knows, really. If he wanted something big with me, something long term and real like he says he does, well then he’d tell her about us, that much I’m sure of. So I think he probably doesn’t, not really. Maybe that’s just the way he likes to talk, the way he likes to think. Pretending, but then he could’ve sort of forgotten it was pretend.

Yeah, I think that’s it. He kind of got carried away there for a while when he thought she was dead. Scott was really depressed for a while there. They were all worried about him here. Then he was getting better and at the same time him and me were spending so much time together. And the sex was real good and maybe for a little while there he just thought it was something more than that. Carried away, like I said.

Well, maybe I got carried away, too. But not any more. I know who I am and I know what I am. An army of lovers could conquer the world? Nice story, but it’s not for real. I don’t even want that with him, anyway. It was a stupid idea. I’m not cut out for that kind of thing. I don’t know why I said the stuff I did – just kind of caught up in the moment, I guess. But now that Jean’s really back and he doesn’t want to tell her about him and me, well it’s making me realize that this love bullshit just isn’t for me, either.

None of my business what he and Jeannie do. Sure, I’d miss fucking him if they do get back together. But I don’t need to think about that, not yet anyway. We’re sort of back to normal, back to the way it was, with him and me getting together late at night. The sex is good – rough and hot and none of that love talk. I’d miss it if he got back together with her. But damned if I’d do it with him if he’s getting married. I got no need to be sneaking around; I can find somebody else. Plenty of somebody elses.

Yeah, he can do what he wants with her, or anybody else for that matter. And if they’re not getting married, well no reason Scott and me can’t just keep on going like we have been. Sex sometimes, hanging out together sometimes. Doing whatever we want with anybody else, too.

I don’t know if he was doing it with anyone else, though. Maybe Jeannie. He says he isn’t, but who knows? I’d see them together sometimes. Maybe they were working, maybe doing something else. He says he’s not even interested in women.

Don’t know if I believe that. Well, I sure know he likes dick. I was getting a good demonstration of how much he likes it most nights – him on his knees gobbling me up while I shoved it deep. Still, he was with her for years before she disappeared. He must have gotten something out of it. Something besides looking good to the kids and the professor.

Maybe he was doing it with some other guy, too. Could be. Northstar got sent to Westchester to work with us on the Magneto thing and I’d see him and Scott together sometimes. Maybe talking business, maybe something else. None of my business, anyway. He can do what he wants.

And like I said, so can I. I started going out at night, especially nights he was busy with Northstar. Or with Jean. Not with any plan in mind, really, just wanting to be somewhere else for a while.

This one night I went to this place in town – beer and burger joint. I’d been there with Scott once, a long time ago, right after we left Jeannie at Alkali Lake. It was that time when he was kind of falling apart and I figured I’d take him somewhere to get away from the school for a while.

Shit. I was coming out here for a change of scene – no time to be thinking about him.

So I start thinking about the cute barmaid instead. I’d noticed her before. Long red hair tied back in a ponytail, but a few wisps kept falling in her face and she’d blow them away. Great mouth on her. Great ass, too, which I’d get a nice look at every time she turned around to get another bottle from behind there. Tight short skirt showed it off real good. Seeing her bending over like that made me want to bend her over, me right behind her and pulling the skirt up and her panties down. She caught me looking, and I smiled and she smiled back. I was going to ask her when she gets off work, but before I could she says, “So how’s your friend?”

“What friend?”

“The one with the problem with his eyes. You brought him here once.”

“Oh him. He’s okay.”

“What’s his name?”


“Did the surgery work?”

I almost said “What surgery?” but then I remembered Scott had told her he had to wear the dark glasses because of an operation he’d had, that his eyes were sensitive to light. So I told her no, that it didn’t work and he still had to wear glasses all the time.

“Well, tell him I’m real sorry about that. And say ‘hi’ for me – tell him Maddie says hi. And that he should stop in here some time. Okay? Tell him that for me.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Didn’t seem much point in trying to get anywhere with her after that. I stayed a little longer, looking around, but the only other women in the place were either there with their boyfriends or pretty close to falling down drunk. So I finished my beer and went back to the school.

I passed on the message all right. Later that night. With him sitting on my lap, my cock pushed all the way up his ass. He was panting and moaning while I rubbed his dick harder and faster. I licked him on the side of the neck then whispered it right in his ear. “Maddie – barmaid at that place in town – wants you to stop in,” I told him. He grabbed onto my thighs, saying “Oh Logan” and kind of sighing or something as he came on my hand. Then I pushed him on to the floor on his hands and knees and shoved it into him again. Fucked him hard and fast, lying full on his back. So good like that, doing it with someone strong enough to take the weight of the adamantium in me. He pushed back, holding me up while I moved in him, harder and faster. And he licked the cum off of my fingers while I was fucking him. One finger at a time, real slow, making it last until I was ready to shoot. He didn’t say nothing about Maddie.

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Summers in a Sea of Glory is a sequel to Returning Spring, which in turn was a sequel to After the Fall.
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