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More on Con.txt and some miscellaneous fanfic stuff

I'm going to Con.Txt this weekend and quite looking forward to it. I had suggested a bunch of panels and two were chosen, so I will be leading or co-leading the following:

X-Men: Where's the Slash?

By the time con.txt happens there will be three X-Men movies as well as two cartoon series and a gazillion different (and sometimes contradictory) comic books. Which version of X-Men has the best slash potential? Why are some characters and pairings slashed more in comicsverse and some in movieverse? How to explain the relative dearth of Ultimates slash? What about mixing and matching between different forms of canon? Come to this panel to share and hear opinions on where to find slashy subtext and slash fic for X-Men and related Marvel characters.

Complicated and Conflicting Canon: Harry Potter, X-Men and Star Wars

What do you do when your fandom includes several versions of the same story, and they don't agree? When "canon" includes books, movies based on books, comic books, tv cartoon series, books based on movies, movies based on comic books and/or books based on movies based on comic books, what do you do? What is canon and what isn't? What if the different canon sources don't agree? Is there a distinction between primary and secondary canon? Are the contradictions so great that you find you are writing AU before you even start? This panel will explore the issues surrounding contradictory canon and the diverse approaches that three different fandoms have taken to addressing those issues.

Anyone reading this coming to Con.txt and interested in co-leading? Anyone have ideas for handouts to prepare?

Other fanfic stuff:

- I finished posting my new post X2 series. I'm quite pleased with it and very happy to be finished. I had worried that no one would read it because all the interest would be in X3 fic, but I'm pleased to see large numbers of readers on my web site and I know at least some others are reading it on lists (since they're responding via email to the list mail) and assume others are reading it in lj. I've seen a really different pattern in responses, though, from what I've experienced previously. I've always gotten most feedback via email. Since I started posting on lj, that's been the second source of feedback. I've rarely gotten reviews on my website. This time I got the most feedback in website reviews, some email and not one lj comment. On the whole series! I don't know what to make of that. I actually thought I'd get more comments on lj, since now that I'm putting the pictures in the journal entries, too, there's no real advantage to reading on the website.

- I'm seeing a dramatic uptick in my website usage - not just the new series but previous stories as well. It started a couple of weeks before the new series was posted and I'm wondering if it's due to X3 sparking interest in X-Men fanfic in general. On my old website, each series was a page, so looking at which pages were viewed didn't let me know whether people actually read the stories or just clicked and then lost interest. The new one tells me story by story how many times it is read, which I like a lot better. Of course I still don't know if people are really reading the stories or just looking at the pretty pictures :-), but I feel fairly confident that if they keep clicking on "next story" until they get to the last one they've read it. It's interesting to see patterns - some I can explain and some I can't. As I suspected, not that many people read the lit guides compared to those who read the fic, but I'm pleased to see that some do!

- I'm trying to decide what to write next. I like to take a week or two off before starting a new project, but I'd like to start mapping one out after Con.txt. I'm considering a couple of ones in my X1 sequence:

- Alex joins the X-Men. It's going to be a bumpy ride. I have a scene in my head where he makes a fairly inappropriate comment about Scott and Logan. To Logan.

- Charles Xavier's take on the early days of the X-Men. Now that he's dead, I miss him. I think Scott puts off reading Charles's old journals for a long time after his death, partly because the stage he's at in his grief is such that he's not ready to, and partly because he's just so busy trying to take over for Charles. But, eventually, I see him reading them and I'd like to reproduce part of them as fic. I might alternate between journal entries and Scott's memories, or even Charles's journal entries and each one is matched by a first person account of the events described, from a different X-Man's POV for each.

I've also got some interest in writing X3 fic, particularly about Hank. And I've always got lots of meta to write, so I might be posting some of that in the near future.

I'm also very available for beta reading. I've been an ongoing beta for talktooloose's Bobby fic, which I think is just wonderful. I think he is so good at writing adolescents. If I didn't know better, I'd think he's a teenager himself.

I did a first pass beta for a new fic from marag where she was asking for a Jewish beta in particular. I can't wait to see the final. It's a very cool piece and its form is as interesting as its content. It also was fun to me that although it's not RPF it does have mention of some real people, and one of them was a guy I know.

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