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Ten Things I've Done That You Haven't Meme

Okay, everybody's doing it. I had to try it. I know, I know - "If your LJ friends were all going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?" Hey, does that have regional variations? Anyway, here's my attempt at 10 things I've done that I'm guessing no one who reads this has ever done:

1. Held a baby orangutan (had to put that one in).
2. Spent the night in a zoo.
3. Smuggled archaelogical artifacts out of Israel (see - it's not all animals).
4. Had a c-section without anesthesia.
5. Had a spinal tap.
5. Received a personal letter from a convicted murderer.
6. Lived in North Dakota (see - it's not all medical).
7. Breastfed a preschooler. On the subway. At rush hour.
8. Pumped on jury duty.
9. Flown around the world. (see - it's not all lactomania).
10. Flown on the Concorde.

Okay, I think I have a few spares in my back pocket, so I will replace if anyone says they've done any of these...
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