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New Series: Reminiscences - Mo's Journal
March 14th, 2005
09:50 pm


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New Series: Reminiscences

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Date:May 10th, 2005 10:54 am (UTC)

“Not until this very moment.” Logan laughed. “Seriously, I don’t think that much about it. It doesn’t bother me.

I think the above attribution should be "Scott laughed." It made more sense anyway. If it really SHOULD be "Logan laughed," then divide all that up into three paragraphs and let "Logan laughed" stand on it's own, becuase otherwise, it's confusing.

Well, Scott's talking but Logan's laughing at his snarky remark. I actually thought that was clear because of the period instead of the comma, but perhaps I shouldn't have academics as betas {g}. Anyway, nobody caught that (or the other one, which I'll fix) and I thank you, although I'm not sure what to do about it.

Hmmm. I don't want it to be three paragraphs because it sets it off too much. I'll play with it. Maybe I'll make it "Logan laughed at that."

As we've discussed in email, I was struck (again) by some of the real similarities between your Scott and mine, and their reactions (especially) to meeting Charles.

As I said offline, it was really interesting reading Special after writing this, both for the similarities and the differences. Your Charles is a whole lot better at handling this difficult situation than mine is, for one thing. And my Scott stuffs the damaged part of him down further, making it pop up unexpectedly. I also think your Scott has just been through something worse. His experience of teenage prostitution is that it's scary and degrading, but my guy {g} has a little more control over his fate. He doesn't have a pimp abusing and controlling him; he's able to limit somewhat just what he does; and when he is badly abused by johns he fights back.

Mine also heals a lot over the years through his mentoring relationships with kids who've been through similar situations - he gains strength from kind of doing right with others what Charles did wrong with him. That's something he talks about when he first tells Logan about his I Was a Teenage Mutant Prostitute period back in my early stories. And I explore that more extensively - and Charles finally coming to terms with how he failed Scott and how much better Scott deals with this with the kids - in my most recent series, "A Time to Every Purpose."

The stories here that drew me the most were both Scott's and Warren's, interestingly. I originally conceived of this series as being about Charles, and was surprised how Scott kept kind of intruding on everyone's stories, how their stories were at least as much about Scott's relationship with Charles as about the relationship between the storyteller and Charles (although I think Warren's is least about Scott). I resisted at first, yelling silently "Scott Summers! Get out of this story! It isn't about you." but ultimately I gave in and decided it was about him, too.

Jean's naivite also came off, I think, in part because I've always perceived her as surprisingly sheltered for a telepath -- she "knows" but hasn't "experienced" personally.

Yk, I've known so many women in her position (although without telepathy {g}) who just don't see it. Early on (in Canadian Nights) I have her asking Scott if his hustler period made him gay. That kind of naivete is endemic, I think. It's partly her, but a whole lot of it is him. He's good at hiding it.

Thanks for your comments. I like talking about the stories, particularly with another "Scott writer."

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