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New Series: Past and to Come

Series Title: Past and to Come

Author: Mo

Characters and Pairings: Various characters appear in this series, both canon and original. The main pairings are Scott/Logan and Jean-Paul/Adam Greenfield (an original character).

Summary: Alex joins the X-Men and it’s a bumpy ride. Jean-Paul and Adam adjust to changes in their relationship; Scott and Logan adjust to Scott’s new responsibilities; everyone is trying to adjust to the loss of Charles Xavier.

Rating: This series is intended for an adult readership. It contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity and deals with adult relationships and concerns.

Format: A story series of 10 stories. Total length is about 25,000 words.

Scenario/Sequel/Series: X1 Movieverse, although much has happened since the movie. This series was written well after X2, but does not attempt to include the events portrayed in that film. I attempt only to be consistent with the first movie and my previous fiction.

Past and to Come begins several months after the events depicted in What's Past is Prologue. In my timeline, the “not so distant future” of the movie (released in 2000) is the year 2006. This series takes place during 2013.

Brief biographies of the main characters, both canon and original, are available, to make it easier for those coming in well into the story. They can be found in the biographies section of the home page of the Mofic site.

The characters, situations and events in Past and to Come are consistent with those portrayed in my previous stories and series:

Anything Can Happen
I Know What You Are
We’re Not What You Think
Canadian Nights
What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been
Night and Day
Foreign Correspondence
Adult Education
Continuing Education
Safe House
Different from All Other Nights
Chips Cashed In
Taking Chances
Unexpected Occurrences
A Time for Every Purpose
What's Past is Prologue

All of these are available, with illustrations, on my website at

Note on Character Origins: As covered in some of my previous fiction, my version of Cyclops has neither the origin story of the comic books nor that of the movie novelization. His back story is one of my own devising. It is covered extensively in Canadian Nights, Commencement and Chips Cashed In, and is revisited and expanded upon in What’s Past is Prologue and here. It preserves the comics convention of the Summers brothers having a complicated and difficult relationship, but the reasons for both the complexity and the difficulty are specific to this story and are not an attempt to reproduce their comic book history.

Disclaimer: The X-Men and Alpha Flight belong to Marvel. The movie belongs to Fox. Adam, Miriam, and Ezra, and assorted other characters are the products of my fevered imagination. Scott and Logan feel a little bit like they're mine, too, since I've been borrowing them for so long.

Feedback: Oh, yes! I love feedback. Please comment on the chapters as published in my livejournal, review the stories on my website, or send me email at

Archiving: Sure, just ask. Alternative file formats available upon request.

Additional Information: Most of my characters — as Magneto points out in the movie — live in a school. My version of Cyclops is an English teacher and tends to think in literary terms about events around him. Consequently, my fiction includes a lot of literary quotes and allusions. It has been my practice to publish a literature guide providing supplemental information on literature quoted in each series, along with URLs for the complete works, if available. The guide for Past and to Come will be posted after the stories themselves. It contains spoilers so should be read after the series. As is my occasional practice, the file contains information not only on literature referenced but also on some issues raised in the series.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to my very helpful and insightful betas — kestrelsparhawk, Ann Marie, and Vision — for sticking with me on this one and offering many suggestions for improvement. Their assistance was invaluable. Mistakes are mine alone.
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