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Decisions and Revisions (Past and to Come 3/10) - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
January 10th, 2007
05:53 am


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Decisions and Revisions (Past and to Come 3/10)

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Date:January 11th, 2007 01:26 pm (UTC)


Maybe we're moved to write certain pairings because both sides of the solidus represent sides of ourselves. I'm sure people do think you're more the Cyclops but you write Wolverine with such verve and joy and humour ("...unts money all day or some shit...") that he has to be an expression of a pissed off anti-authoritarian dom side of you!

I see that with my own OTP. I relate to Bobby's desire to be a good boy and his anxiousness when he isn't pleasing people. His struggles with his sexuality closely mirror mine and he can go from awkward and shy to being a leader as needed. But I'm also John; I'm an angry rebel with a short fuse; I'm an artist for whom the act of artistic creation is almost enough to get me through anything. I'm someone who figured out a lot of his own answers and standards rather than looking to others.

So, writing an OTP can be an act of healing (if the ending is happy) or an expression of the schism (if the ending is sad). Or, best of all, both.

Yay to healing, Mo! BTW, I'm coming to NYC in a couple of weeks, but I'm not sure how open my schedule is. Still, it would be nice to see you.
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Date:January 11th, 2007 01:27 pm (UTC)


That's... "counts money all day"
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Date:January 11th, 2007 02:32 pm (UTC)


Yes, exactly. I tend to get in touch with the times when I'm feeling pissed-off, anti-authoritarian and/or dom to write him. And although I kind of hate the whole OTP trope, I agree that a couple stays compelling a long time to a writer or reader if and only if s/he can relate to both of them.

I'd love to see you if it works out. I will be in town until 2/17, when I'm going to France for a week, but I'm sure we both have busy schedules. Still, if we have a mutual schedule hole, let's get together.
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