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What Does It Mean to Say that Slash is (or isn't) Subversive? - Mo's Journal
January 22nd, 2007
05:12 pm


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What Does It Mean to Say that Slash is (or isn't) Subversive?

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Date:January 23rd, 2007 01:00 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness... Interesting about the sleepover example! So true...

I'm not at that stage yet, so that never even occurred to me... But this did bring to mind another example of how I simply don't think about gender issues and then later "get in trouble" (ok, now we're getting WAY off the topic you originally were wanting to talk about): I used to babysit for two girls in my home, before my 2nd was born, so it was just me, my first son, and these two girls. My son and one of the girls were both 2 at the time, and then the other girl was 4. One day they got super messy, so I stripped them all down naked and gave them a bath. Together. Never once did it even occur to me that this might bother the girls' mother. Of course the girls had so much fun splashing water all over in the tub and told their mom when she came to pick them up. She was less than pleased with me for exposing them to a member of the opposite sex naked. I suppose she would have been even more appalled to find out that, normally, *I* get in the bath with my son! I still do, with both of them now. My husband does, too, from time to time. Seeing naked body parts is just the way things go here in my house ;-)

In any case, your example makes me realize I probably have a lot more issues waiting for me as my children get older and step further out into a world that assumes both conventional gender roles *and* heterosexuality.

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