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fannish5 Five Nitpicky Things - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
January 26th, 2007
06:24 pm


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fannish5 Five Nitpicky Things

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Date:January 31st, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
[i]5. Oh yes! I really hate it when there's some kind of neutral accent, usually north-east/midwest US, and everyone else has a dialect. Thanks, Chris Claremont. Especially for the Australian characters with British accents![/i]

Why wouldn't they have British accents? Claremont obviously cannot tell Britain from Australia. The most famous of them has a Bitish name. I have honestly polled people in Canberra about whether they can imagine anyone Australian with the name St. John Allerdyce. The kindest response was that if you reversed it, he'd sound like a social climbing ponce who got regularly thrashed in the schoolyard. Which doesn't even taking into account that St. John sounds archaic and poncy even to most Brits as a given name and there are only a handful of people born in the last 60 years with St. John as any part of their name.

Of course the reverse is also true. Marvel's London Brits (and apparently the rest of England doesn't exist as everyone is from London) sound more like they speak the Cockney derived Far North Queensland accent than anything found in England. At least one also follows Australian nicknaming conventions. Jono (and many other nicknames ending in o) is far more likely to be a 'Strine nicknmae than a London one.
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