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Five Favorite Stories

I was tagged by chimosa.

In this meme, we say something about our five favorites of stories we’ve written. I mostly write story series, although I do write the occasional one-shot. I thought about whether to go with five favorite series, or five favorite individual stories, and decided on the latter. So, it’s three stories that are part of larger series and two standalones. As with the 34-question meme, favorite depends a lot on mood. I might come up with five different stories if you asked me tomorrow. Well, four anyway. The fifth one in my list would, I think, be one of my five favorites any day.

1. The Dying of the Light is a particular favorite of mine. It’s Charles Xavier’s obituaries, from five different news outlets (four real ones and the Xavier’s Academy school newspaper). I read obituaries obsessively for weeks before I wrote this one. I wanted to convey what happens to me when someone whose life I’m interested in dies. I read obituaries in different publications and I’m always struck by the differences among them. There are differences in tone, in focus, in political bent, even in something that you would think would be straight news – the summary of a person’s life. And even more puzzling to me, often, is the differences in facts - there is always some little detail that’s inconsistent among them. I try to reproduce that variety here, in a summary of Charles Xavier’s life, and it sets the series What’s Past Is Prologue in motion. I’m very pleased with how it came out.

2. Having Writ, Moves On. This is a favorite of mine because it’s so different from the rest of my writing and it was great to try something new and feel like it came out well. Different characters, different subject matter, different themes. I’d wanted for a long time to write something about Magneto’s concentration camp experiences. This doesn’t do that, but it gets as close as I felt able to, dealing with his post-War experiences in a dp camp. It’s also about Pyro, a character I’ve always been intrigued by, and portrays him as a bored and disaffected teenager, a character type with which I’m very familiar in real life.

3. Different From All Other Nights I love Adam and Jean-Paul as a couple. I really enjoy how they deal with their differences, how they find value – most of the time, anyway – in what sets them apart from each other. As Jean-Paul says early in their relationship, they have enough in common to form a strong bond and enough difference to keep things interesting. This one is a favorite of mine because it shows them tackling the ethnic/religious difference in a loving way and with what I hope is an often amusing story. It draws heavily on Seders I Have Known.

4. A Fighting Chance. This is my favorite Scott and Jean story. It takes place in the middle of Taking Chances. I love it for what it shows about how their relationship has grown and changed over the years, and how well they’ve finally made the transition to friendship. I also think the description of their telepathic link is very vivid.

5. Time for You and Time for Me. This is the last story in Night and Day, the one where Scott and Logan reconcile, after having broken up at the end of the previous series. It’s my favorite of all the Scott and Logan sex scenes. I’m not a very romantic person, and I don’t think I write romantic slash. This is about as close as these two get to romance. I really ache for both of them in this one and just love how they are both trying so hard to make it work. I’d originally written it from Scott’s point of view, but I like it so much better from Logan’s, where you really see him stretching himself to give of himself, and not just sexually.

I think the whole lj world has done this one by now, so I won’t tag anyone else, but I’m certainly up for reading another, if someone on my flist hasn’t done it yet.
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