Mo (mofic) wrote,

Ten Things I Love that Begin with the Letter C

I was assigned the letter C by mamajoan, appropriately.

1. Coffee. I suppose I’m a caffeine addict, since I really do crave it when I don’t have it, but if I am, then love and addiction can co-exist. I don’t just need coffee, I truly enjoy it – the smell, the taste, the whole experience. I make coffee first thing when I get up and have a cup or two in bed, reading email and/or lj. I have more when I get to work. I like dark roasts and drink it black. Don’t put anything in it if you give me some – I want coffee, just coffee.

2. Children. My own particularly, of course, but just kids in general, too. I love watching them, seeing them grow and develop. Kids are always learning and it’s a delight to see. I particularly like watching language develop. You can really see kids expanding into more sophisticated thinking with more sophisticated language.

3. Cities. I’m a city grrl, although I had no idea growing up that that was the case. I lived in rural North Dakota until I was seven and then in suburban Connecticut through high school. I went to university in Montreal, at McGill, and realized I’d come home. I love city living, including the things that people who hate cities hate about it – dense population, noise. I prefer public transit to car travel any day; I like having plenty of cultural opportunities; I like the diversity of experience available. I prefer apartment living to single family houses, too. I moved to New York in 1980 and didn’t intend to make it my home. My spouse of the time and I said we’d stay 2-5 years. We did consider moving at a couple of different points, but only to other cities.

4. Cyclops. I’m fascinated by his character, in a variety of incarnations. I started in this fanfic enterprise because of Hugh Jackman’s Logan, but I stayed for Scott. All of us who write him have to grapple with the whole question of “How did he get like that?” and I’m interested in lots of different interpretations, as well as really enjoying developing my own.

5. Computers. My laptop has “I hate computers” scrolling across as its marquee screensaver, but I put that on in a fit of techno-frustration one day. I don’t really hate them at all. I learned my first programming language when I was 12 (and in the late 1960s 12-year-olds just did not use computers) and I’ve been using the damn things ever since. I’ve had computer-related jobs forever, having worked in data processing and information processing and management information systems and information technology and informatics. The names change, the computers get more powerful and smaller, but I never cease to be fascinated by the uses to which we can put this technology.

6. Character Development. Reading or writing, I’m character-focused. It’s not that I don’t like action or intricate plots – I do. It’s just that the characters matter more to me. I got into writing fanfic because of characters I love, and whether I’m reading or writing, whether it’s fanfic or mainstream published fiction or movies, it’s the characters who stick with me. I tend to look at plot as a series of things that happen to the people I’m interested in and/or that the people I’m interested in do. When I think up plots, they tend to be in answer to questions like “What would really challenge Logan’s sense of who he is?” or “What would make Scott deal with his past?”

7. California. I really only know NoCal, and particularly San Francisco. It’s a city I love, although I don’t think I’d want to live there long term. It’s such a spectacularly beautiful place, physically – The bay! The hills! The Architecture! And there’s so much going on, culturally and of course for gay culture in particular. It often bemuses me that with more gay people in NYC than there are people in San Francisco, we don’t seem to get our act together as much as they do. I spent a fair amount of time in San Francisco when I worked for the Federal Reserve; we went on a family vacation there in 1994; and I had a lover who lived there for close to a year, so made several trips out there during that time.

8. Crossword Puzzles. Particularly the Sunday New York Times one. I can sometimes finish it myself but prefer to do it with a friend or lover.

9. Cookbooks. I really enjoy cooking, and love reading cookbooks. I almost never follow a recipe exactly, but I use them for inspiration. During the week I mostly focus on meals that are easy, healthy and quick (I get home at 6:00, serve dinner generally between 6:30 and 7:00 and juggle cooking with homework help and other kid needs). Once in a while I get to try more elaborate food. I read cookbooks a lot more than I use them.

10. Cecelia – my lover. I hope she’s not offended at getting listed under “things”. (Cyclops wasn’t).

If anyone wants to play, comment on this entry and I’ll assign you a letter.

Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world and very cute. They didn't make my Top 10 cut, but there's one in the icon for this entry.

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