Mo (mofic) wrote,

My Remix Experience 2007

I did remixredux for the second time this year and had a good time! For those unfamiliar with the concept, in a remix you take someone else's story and rewrite it. Those who join get assigned an author to do a remix for, and someone gets assigned to rewrite theirs. The stories are posted anonymously at first, and then the author is revealed a week or so later. Yesterday was the big unmasking.

The lovely and talented sionnain was my remixer. She took my story "Having Writ, Moves On" to rewrite. It's a post-X2 story (but before X3 came out, so it does not match the events in that movie) about Pyro finding out that life as a bad guy with Magneto's team doesn't quite match the grand vision he'd been sold on. You can read the original at

sionnain took the story and kind of turned it on its head. She made Mystique, a fairly minor character in the original, the force that causes all the action in the revised version. It's very well done and makes for a great ocmpanion piece to the original. Thanks again, sionnain. Read her remix at

For my remix assignment, I was surprised to get the same author I got last year. She only had one X-Men story and I'd remixed it last year, so I needed to branch out. I wrote a remix of a TPM story of hers, a fandom I read avidly but have never written in. It takes place after Qui-Gon's death and has Obi-wan trying to come to terms with the loss of his master and lover. I rewrote it from the POV of Obi-wan and changed both the focus and the ending. It was a fun exercise and a departure from my usual writing, not only in terms of fandom. My remix is at Follow the link from there to read the original story.

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