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Republican Sex Scandals and Slash - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
September 6th, 2007
02:15 pm


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Republican Sex Scandals and Slash

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Date:September 13th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
My own theory -- which applies to a lot about sex and other things -- is that the key factor is consent, not context.

If I don't wish to consent to view others having sex at a given time, it's pretty trivial to stay out of their bedrooms while they're having sex, and not a lot less trivial to stay out of a known cruisy park (assuming I'm clued in; not difficult to be in my hometown) during Unofficial Cruising Hours. It's a lot less trivial to avoid public restrooms entirely, or to cruise (so to speak) the Internet to find out where the known anonymous sex restrooms are locally. Similarly, when I don't care to hear music blasting out enough bass vibrations to neuter a goat, I simply avoid buying tickets to the local Goat Blasting musical group's performance; somewhat more difficult to arrange for my street not to be a locus for various folks cruising up and down to share their favored bass vibrations.
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