Mo (mofic) wrote,

Minor (but fun) News

I just heard from Off Our Backs, the feminist magazine, that they have accepted a piece of mine for their special issue on "feminisms and cultures." I'm not sure what's up with the plurals, but that's what the call for manuscripts said some months ago. I sent them an essay on slash fanfic as a feminist endeavor and promptly forgot about it.

Anyway, when I got the note saying they want to publish it I dragged it out and read it. I've certainly written better essays, but this one isn't embarrassingly bad, and it does make points I think are valid and I'll be fine with having my name attached to it. I hope it leads a few non-fanfic-aware feminists to consider reading slash fiction in general, and my fiction in particular :-). And it's very exciting to me to be published in the first feminist periodical I had ever read, back when I was a baby dyke.

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