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My Son the International Movie Star - Mo's Journal
December 15th, 2007
08:17 pm


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My Son the International Movie Star
A couple of friends of Doran's made a movie last year documenting his ill-fated and (thankfully) short-lived Marine adventure. The resulting film - "Recruit Rosenberg" - was shown at an international documentary film festival held in Amsterdam. Doran's filmmaker friends got to go to the festival and had a great time.

The description and review are at: http://www.movie2movie.nl/index.php?item=190&film=59196

I tried doing a babelfish translation (since I don't know any Dutch). It came out pretty funny. I'm glad to see my long on-camera interview did get enough play in the film (which I still haven't seen) to get mentioned in the review: "Moreover he liberaal has been educated by its mother." Oh and Doran's filmmaker friends Max Blecker and Efraim Klein? They come out in translation as Maximum Blecker and Efraim Small.

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