Mo (mofic) wrote,

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's 15 degrees Farenheit today, which is very cold for New York City.

I was born in Winnipeg , where both my parents grew up. We lived in Northwood, North Dakota until I was 7. Then we moved to Connecticut.

The Hartford area, where we lived, gets a little colder than NYC but not that much. When we first moved there my parents used to crack up at the announcer on the radio who'd say "It will be plunging into the teens tonight!" For the non-USAmericans on my flist, the "teens" in Farenheit are about -7 to -10 Celsius. My parents thought it was hilarious that anyone would think that was cold enough to use such dramatic language. "Plunging into the teens" became a family joke.

But after a few years in Connecticut (and after my parents' winter gear wore out and was replaced and we grew out of ours and got what was available locally as well) the teens felt awfully cold.

NYC is the southernmost place I've ever lived. I often wish we didn't have such a half-assed winter. Still, as it plunged into the teens last night and this morning, it felt cold!
Tags: weather
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