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What I Learned From the Privilege Meme - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
January 3rd, 2008
11:42 am


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What I Learned From the Privilege Meme

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Date:January 5th, 2008 01:13 am (UTC)

If your parents are working all the time, to have money to keep the electricity on, there might not be anybody home to read to you ...

And if your parents are illiterate, they can't read to you.

And if they are literate but don't understand that reading to kids fosters their literacy, they might not think to read to you.

And if they think of reading to kids as a way to entertain them until
they can read, they might stop once the kids can read.

And if they think of reading to kids as just a way to entertain them,
they might turn on the tv instead, because then they can do something
else that needs to get done at the same time.

Lots and lots of kids do not get read to by their parents. The large
body of research that shows that being read to as a child is a great
predictor of life long literacy comes from looking at plenty of peopel
who were *not* read to as children as well as those who were.

Perri Klass - author and pediatrician - is the founder of a literacy
program based in pediatricians' offices. They give a children's book
to the family at every office visit and the pediatrician or nurse
practitioner *reads* it to the child during the visit. The idea is to
instill in the parents that this is an important thing to do by having
a person in highly respected position model it.
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