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This Year's Election - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
January 4th, 2008
03:48 pm


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This Year's Election

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Date:January 4th, 2008 11:16 pm (UTC)
LOL -- It took me a good three minutes to figure out what POTUS meant, then remembered it from a Dan Brown novel. Heh.

Kucinich is perhaps the only good political product from my current state of residence Ohio. Like you, my political beliefs fall more in line with his than any other Dem. What he said makes sense on several key issues.

Up until last month, I had this whole "my vote will NOT be wasted!" philosophy, which had me deciding between Obama and Clinton. Then I remembered something a former employer had said about Perot's failed Presidential bid: if everyone who said they were going to vote for him did, he'd probably be President. I don't remember jack about Perot's policies, but the sentiment finally made sense. So now, I'm seriously considering Kucinich because my vote will make a difference. By the time the primaries hit Ohio, it will be March 4, past Super Tuesday and the front-runners will probably already have things locked up.

Interesting about Edwards is that he beat Clinton in Iowa, but NPR still asked about his feelings about a VP nod. He said he's in this to be Prez, which is what he's supposed to say. I think Minisoo mentions about Edwards as the probably VP choice of either Obama or Clinton. She's right, I don't think the US is ready for the Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket. Edwards would be a decent choice.

The Republican ticket is now all over the place. Guiliani's Super Tuesday strategy may hurt him severely with all the love Huckabee (wasn't there a movie with that name?) and Romney have received. McCain is betting on Granite. I hope that they stay in disarray.

It's time for a change.
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Date:January 5th, 2008 12:51 am (UTC)

It's time for a change.

Amen to that.
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