Mo (mofic) wrote,

This Year's Election

I'm equal parts excited and terrified. marag says she's a Yellow Dog Democrat. I'm not quite. I think I've voted for non-Democrats sometimes, although I can't think of any offhand and certainly haven't done so at the POTUS level. I very strongly feel that the Democrats need to retake the White House if anything is to improve in this country, so I'm more canine and banana-colored here and now than usual.

I will gladly vote for whomever is chosen the party's candidate. I'm not sure who I'm voting for in the primary but I'm leaning strongly towards Kucinich. His policies most closely match the direction I'd like to see the country move in. I don't feel it's a wasted vote - I think if he gets a strong, albeit clearly minority, turnout it's an important reminder to a Democratic Party that Bill Clinton pulled to the right that there really is a progressive wing and we vote.

I think to some extent we have an embarrassment of riches this year. We've got three strong possibilities: smart, capable, good experience, good speakers, good organization. I will be happy to vote for any of them in the general election. I do find Obama the most inspiring speaker of the three, but I don't think that's everything.

I really like the idea of a senator becoming POTUS (which, of course, applies to all three). I think it's the right kind of experience. Governors have executive experience but they don't really have the inside knowledge of how the federal government works, or the ties. My ideal candidate (not in terms of policies, just personal characteristics, skills, and history) is a Senator with 8-10 years experience, not from a political family, smart, knowledgeable and well-liked by his/her Senate colleagues. That's Edwards to a T. Still, I don't really think he's got a chance. I think it's likely Obama or Clinton and I just hope that whoever it is wins.
Tags: politics
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