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Mo's Journal
January 5th, 2008
03:13 pm


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Confessions of a Lesbian Feminist Slasher

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Date:January 16th, 2008 11:56 am (UTC)
So I came to this journal via a Google search for the author of the article in Off Our Backs. As is no doubt obvious from my LJ name, I am also a slash writer (most of which is in the Harry Potter universe, though originally in the Star Trek one years ago).

I am only a few years younger than you and am second generation feminist, having worked alongside my mother in 70s feminism and gone on to my own work as an adult. Outside fandom, I am a moderately well known LGBT nonfiction writer (openly bi and a parent).

So I came home today to find my mother (who lives with my partners and I) all excited to show me the Off Our Backs issue with your article. My mother is a long time subscriber and sometime contributor to OOB. She knows the stuff I write, and although she doesn't read my fiction, she is proud of me. This was the first time she has ever seen any publication that she reads talk about the subject. It made quite an impression on her. So first, this is a thank you. It was nice to see the validation both for her and for me.

I enjoyed the article myself and found I agreed with much of it. I would add some things myself and it is already prompting some self-reflection of my own experiences. I know that quite a number of my readers identify as lesbian or bi women. I get fan mail from gay/bi men as well who have been amazed when I have captured their experience. I do deal a lot in my fiction with homophobia, marriage rights, parenting and other issues facing LGBT folks in our world. (In addition to issues of child abuse, violence and sexual assault.) I probably reach a larger audience with my fan fiction than with my nonfiction. (One story shows over 20,000 readers in the archive hit counters.)

One of the things that is different for me is the process. Most of my fan fiction is written as part of two different co-author teams - i.e. two women writing two men. For me, those co-author relationships are essentially non-physical but still very important relationships. (Even though we have never met in person and as one co-author IDs as bi and the other straight.) So not only do I write primarily for women and queer men, but for the co-authors who I write with. And, yes, I do get turned on as well as very intellectually and emotionally engaged.

I found the gender dynamics and power dynamics issues ones I could relate to. I actually explore class issues differences a great deal as well. I find myself also having to explain to people on a regular basis that who gets "entered" doesn't define who is in charge. I frequently challenge sexism inherent in the assumptions of readers. For example, the assumption in a male-pregnancy story (magical world after all) that the one pregnant would automatically be the less powerful of the two. Talk about loaded gender roles and sexism!

Well, I have probably already exceeded the LJ comment length or close to it. Hope you don't mind if I friend your account...

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Date:January 16th, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the great note. I love hearing about how other people interpret slash. I've never heard of writing fiction the way you talk about: "two women writing two men." Is it like an RPG, where you each sort of "play" one of the men?

Where is your fiction archived?

Please do friend me and I'll friend you back.
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Date:January 17th, 2008 09:50 am (UTC)
My fiction is easiest to access at my LJ: http://slashpervert.livejournal.com

It is also archived at:

For a piece I wrote about the process of dual-author, dual-POV writing see: http://slashpervert.livejournal.com/143257.html

I also have a Frequently Asked Questions section on my LJ that goes into a bit about what I do: http://slashpervert.livejournal.com/77192.html
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