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If Thou Survive (A Time to Every Purpose 6/10) - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
May 2nd, 2005
11:25 am


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If Thou Survive (A Time to Every Purpose 6/10)
Sitting cross-legged on the bed, papers in front of him, Scott looked up as the door opened. “I’m glad it’s you,” he said, motioning to Logan to sit next to him on the bed. He collected the papers and put them back in a manila file folder.

“Why? ‘Cause you want to suck my dick?” Logan sat down, hand sliding along Scott’s thigh briefly.

“That, too.” They smiled at each other. “RoseAnn’s been dropping by here at night. I’ve been trying to put some clearer boundaries on the relationship. We have a deal that she won’t come here anymore, that she’ll meet with me in my office, but I’m not sure she’ll stick to it.”

“She’s got it bad for you, doesn’t she?”

“You know how it is. Kids get crushes.”

“Yeah, especially on pretty boy English teachers.” He licked Scott’s nearest ear. “Even better if they fly fast jets and moonlight as superheroes. Killer combo if you’re a starry-eyed mutant kid.”

“So what’s your excuse? You’re a mutant but you’re neither starry-eyed nor a kid. Still, you’re here an awful lot.”

“That’s ‘cause I know what a good fuck you are.”

Scott laughed and continued. “She’s vulnerable. She’s young; she’s been through a tough time. She’s not used to someone interested in her for her, someone who doesn’t want anything from her. Well, except that she finish her school work.”

“You’ve been through this one before, with other kids. You always work it out.” Logan thought for a minute and added, “She’s lucky to have you. They all are.”

“Thanks.” Scott sighed. “It’s a challenge. It’s hard to set the boundaries comfortably, to make them feel cared for yet not give them the idea that it’s a more intimate relationship than it can be.”

“It’s not so hard. Just tell her you like dick and she doesn’t have one.”

Scott laughed again. “It’s not that simple. I did tell her that, by the way. Not in exactly those words.”

“And tell her you don’t do it with kids.”

“I told her that, too.”

“Sounds like you’ve got all bases covered.” He leaned in and kissed Scott’s neck, hand stroking slowly along his flank. “What’s wrong? You smell... worried. Upset. Is it what’s going on with RoseAnn?”

He shook his head. “There’s something else.”

“Wanna tell me about it?”

“Maybe later.”

“Wanna suck my dick?”


“Good.” Logan took Scott’s hand and placed it on his crotch. Scott could feel him, hard already, straining against the jeans. He bent down, rubbing his lips against Logan’s fly for a while, then unzipping him. Logan lifted his hips as Scott pulled the pants down and out of the way.

Logan lay back on the bed and Scott got started. Kneeling on the bed, bent over, he worked Logan’s hard cock with fingers and tongue. Slowly, thoroughly, he licked all over, making wet, contented sounds as he did. “Good,” Logan said again, fingers of one hand in Scott’s hair. “Very good. Put it in your mouth now.”

“Oh yes.” Scott did as he was told, sliding the head in and pushing it against the inside of his cheek, working on the root with the fingers of one hand, stroking Logan’s balls with the other. He sucked hard and long, using his tongue, his lips, his throat and his fingers all together. “Stick a finger up my ass,” Logan said, and Scott obeyed.

He kept sucking, slowly, making it last. His own cock was achingly hard. He thought about jerking himself, but he was exhilarating in the feel of both hands and his mouth on Logan. The finger inside was stroking Logan’s prostate, making him moan and growl with pleasure. The sound was driving Scott wild.

“Swing your legs around this way. I want to hold your cock while you’re sucking me.” And then he found he could have it all – both hands and his mouth on Logan and Logan’s wonderful fist rubbing him, holding him, bringing him closer and closer to the edge, thumb circling the head of his cock, heightening the sensation.

They came almost at the same time. Feeling himself going over that edge, Scott engulfed Logan’s cock as he came, squeezing with his throat as the orgasm shook his body. Logan seemed to be pumping it down his throat for a long time.

Scott licked the tip of Logan’s cock as he released it, then lay back on the pillows. He pulled off his glasses and put them next to him on the nightstand. They lay there next to each other in silent companionability.

“Something’s changed with me,” Scott said after a while. “It took me a long time to realize it, and then I wondered if I was imagining it, but I’m sure of it now.” Logan watched him rub his closed eyes. “I don’t get sick anymore.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I can’t remember the last time I had a cold, even,” Scott replied. “I’ve always been pretty healthy, but... lately it’s something different. Last fall when flu season started early and we hadn’t started vaccinating yet? Almost everyone here got it, but not me.”

“Me, neither.” They both chuckled at that. Logan thought a little more. “I don’t ever remember you being sick, not since I’ve known you. Injured sure, lots of times, but not sick. Good immunity, I guess.”

“Yeah, like I said I’ve always been really healthy. And that’s good. It was important at certain times in my life, when I couldn’t afford to be sick. It’s mostly injuries I’ve dealt with. But the last few years, it’s like my immune system has gone into high gear or something.” He put his glasses back on and sat up, looking at Logan. “Not just illness. I heal faster. Not like you, of course. But when I’m injured, I’m back to normal much quicker than I used to be.”

“You heal fast ‘cause you don’t give into it. You keep going even when you’re injured. It’s one of the first things I noticed about you, Cyclops. One of the first things I liked about you, even when I couldn’t stand you,” he said with a wry smile. “That and your talent for cocksucking.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Both of them. But it’s different, I’m sure it is. Not the cocksucking,” he added, making Logan smile, “the healing. I even checked. Hank kept such complete records. They’re all still there in the medical department. I’ve been injured often enough and enough ways to make it easy to find comparable ones. I’m healing lots faster than I was 10 years ago. I’m ten years older – it should take longer to heal, but it’s happening much quicker. Quicker than I used to heal and quicker than normal. And I’m not scarring anymore. I haven’t gotten a new scar in two years. Lots of combat in the last two years. Plenty of wounds deep enough and wide enough to scar, but no new ones. Sorry,” he added, with a smile, “I know you like them.”

“Hey, I can play with the old ones.” Logan licked a scar on Scott’s neck and thought some more. “Do you think you’re developing a new power?”

Scott shook his head. “At 34? I came into my powers at 15. It’s not possible. No,” he said slowly, “I think I’m getting it from you.”

“From me? Like it’s rubbing off or something?”

“No. And I don’t think I’m getting your power. Not Alpha Level Healing Factor, there’s no evidence of that. It’s just improved immunity, enhanced healing. Like maybe at the top range of normal or something, not mutant level.”

“Well, how do you think you’re getting it?” Scott opened his mouth and kind of wagged his tongue, then held up his hand in a loose fist. He bent his head a bit, pretending to suck on an invisible cock. “What? You think you’re getting it from sucking my dick?”

“Yeah. It’s in your blood – we know that. Why not in semen? I’ve been ingesting the stuff a few times a week for years now. Maybe I’m getting it from fucking, too. I don’t know how it gets absorbed.” He looked at Logan. “Healing semen. That’s what I think you’ve got.”

Logan laughed. “Hey, that could make for quite a pick up line. Wanna try my healing semen? Good for what ails you.”

“Beats knocking somebody down and then saying ‘eat me,’ anyway.”

“Hey, that bit works. Well, it did once.” Scott laughed. “You really think that’s what’s happening to you?”

Scott nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And, like I said, I checked my medical records. It’s not my imagination. Something in my body chemistry has changed. It’s an explanation that makes sense, and I can’t think of any others.”

Logan thought some more. “Nah, I don’t think it does make sense. I mean, I guess whatever it is that causes the healing factor could be in my cum if it’s in my blood. But that doesn’t mean you can get it from swallowing the stuff. It doesn’t work to just give my blood to somebody, you know.”

“I know. That was Hank’s and Anjuli’s first idea – transfusion. It didn’t work at all, didn’t make any difference.”

“Yeah, so that’s why they worked so hard to isolate the stuff that causes the healing. She does godknowswhat to make the HFC stuff, but it’s this whole complicated process. How could it be as simple as swallowing it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s different in semen than in blood. Something’s happening to me. You’re what changed. I think it’s worth pursuing, anyway.”

“I’ll be in DC tomorrow. Do you want me to talk to Anjuli about it?”

“Yeah, I think you should. If it’s not too embarrassing to discuss,” he added. And then, in response to Logan’s scoffing expression, “Yeah, look who I’m talking to. She’ll want a donation, I bet, so she can do some tests.”

“More fun than donating blood anyway. Wanna come down and help me donate? You’re the one she’s going to want to talk to about it, you know. She’ll want to do tests on you, I bet. She has ways to measure healing ability – she uses them on her subjects. I bet she’ll want to see how you compare to someone normal and to someone who’s had her HFC.”

“If she wants me to come down, I will. I want to help this research.”

“And just to be nice, I’ll treat you to some healing semen while you’re visiting.”

“You’re generous to a fault, Logan.” Scott’s smile disappeared and his brow furrowed.

“Hey, what’s bugging you? Are you gonna tell me?”

“I’m not even supposed to know. But, yeah, I’ll tell you. It’s Charles. He’s sick.”

“With what?”

“Pancreatic cancer.”

“That a bad kind?”

“Yeah. It’s bad. Very bad.” He picked up the folder of papers he’d put by the side of the bed. “Jean gave me some articles. That’s what I was reading when you came in. Not much hope. Two percent five-year survival rates.”

“And you’re not supposed to know he’s got it?”

“He told Jean not to tell me, that he’d do it himself. But he was putting it off and she was feeling like she couldn’t handle being the only one who knew... And she only knows because the doctor at Sloan Kettering called her – thinking she’s Charles’s doctor, not his daughter. Or whatever she is.”

“It gets fucking confusing around here, figuring out who’s what to who.”

“I know. I’ve lived here a while.” Wry smile on his face. “So now I’ve got to pretend that I don’t know. And I’ve got to pretend well enough to fool a telepath. I hate lying to him – partly because I never know when he believes it. And I’m so fucking mad at him.”

“For not telling you?”

“Yeah and for making Jean handle this on her own.” He shook his head and exhaled loudly. “I’m probably really mad at him for being sick, for maybe dying. I don’t know what I’d do without him.” There was a catch in Scott’s voice. He composed himself and continued. “But I hate myself less if I think I’m mad at him for not talking about it. I’m his next of kin, you know. I’m on all of his forms. And I’ve got his medical power of attorney. I’m the one who will have to make decisions for him if it gets to the point where he can’t make them for himself. I ought to know what’s going on now.”

“And that’s why you’re so keen on helping Anjuli improve the healing factor stuff?”

“Yeah, I want him to have whatever chance he can. I’m glad we’ve got HFC; I’m glad he’s going to be seeing Anjuli tomorrow. But I want him to have the best chance possible, and maybe there’s something better than what she’s got now.”

“Cyclops, I hate to say it, but I don’t think she can help him.”

“Why not?”

“She doesn’t think it would work for cancer – she told me so. Healing factor regenerates – it makes cells grow. That’s why my wounds close up so quick, all that stuff is growing back. Cancer is...”

“Cells growing. Out of control. I never thought of that.”

“Yeah, well Anjuli did. She doesn’t know if it would work with cancer – she thinks it might backfire. She even told me she thinks I might not be immune to cancer – she told me I should lay off the cigars.”

“Shit. I was hoping it would help.”

“It might. I don’t know. I just don’t think you should count on it. Worth letting her know your theory, anyway.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“And Scott?”


“Cut through the bullshit. There’s no fucking point in it. You don’t have time to play this stupid game. Tell the Professor what you know.”

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