Mo (mofic) wrote,

"I Had a Gay Old Time in New Hope, PA!"

I bought a fridge magnet that says that on Saturday, and it’s true, I did. vickifelder and I had a mini-vacation in New Hope, PA. We did lots of fun things, including some I feel comfortable mentioning on a public blog!

New Hope is actually not as gay as it used to be – I think straight couples outnumbered same sex ones about two to one, (at least as far as I could tell), which is a big change from the old days. And we were the only lesbian couple at the lovely bed and breakfast inn across the river in Lambertville where we stayed. But lesbians and gay men are still a very visible presence and it’s still a place where you can feel comfortable as a same-sex couple in a small inn catering to romantic getaways.

Vicki and I are among the most directionally challenged people around, so we got lost on Friday morning driving out to New Hope/Lambertville. But we got back on track and arrived in time for a late lunch. The inn was as charming as it looks in the pictures and our hosts were gracious and helpful. Our room was beautiful, with a lovely four poster bed, comfortable and attractive seating area, desk area with high speed internet (which I barely used – how unlike me) and, blessedly on this hot, hot weekend, very good air conditioning.
The bathroom was luxurious, with a large Jacuzzi tub and double shower heads (staying there two nights, I managed to have three Jacuzzis and two showers), soft towels, comfy bathrobes and really nice soaps and lotions and bathtub scents. Here’s a picture of our room.

We did emerge from the room some of the time. On Friday, we walked a lot around Lambertville and New Hope. We looked at shops and admired architecture and restorations. A church right near our inn had a very interesting graveyard with a lot of nineteenth century stones. We had yummy sangria at one restaurant in New Hope (where the bartender told us he slept with four Spanish guys to get the recipe – ah New Hope) and dinner at another. We had Tarot Readings to cap off our evening out. I don’t believe in that stuff, really, but I think it’s fun. And if what was foretold comes true, maybe I'll revise my opinion.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a delicious and beautifully presented breakfast in the inn’s dining room and enjoyed conversing with the other guests, too. I think that’s one of the really fun parts of staying at small B&B inns rather than large anonymous hotels – you meet new and interesting people effortlessly. We spent the day partly in the inn and partly out and about. It was very hot and humid, so we went for a drive in the countryside when we felt we couldn’t handle walking in the heat. We looked at a number of galleries and craft shops. A stained glass window craft shop was particularly interesting. We watched the artisan working for a while and Vicki bought a small piece for her daughter.

Saturday night we saw “Guys and Dolls” at the Bucks County Playhouse. I hadn’t been to a play there for years. At one point it had been a major summer stock venue, but in the time that I’ve gone to New Hope (once or twice a year from 1982-1992 and then three times in the past three years) it’s been more like semi-professional community theatre and of uneven quality. I think that’s probably still true, but we both love the show and the tickets are cheap and we figured it would be fun even if it wasn’t that good. Well, it was much better than we expected! Really beautiful voices and the dancing was good, too. I’ve been humming songs from it ever since.

Check out time is 11:00 at our inn but I pretty much always ask for late checkout at hotels and inns and they usually say yes, so we got an extra hour, which was nice. Then we did a little more shopping, ate lunch, and headed back, stopping for jersey corn and tomatoes en route. We were home about 5:00. It was a lovely mini-vacation.
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