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Some Thoughts on Fandom, Privacy, Money, and Other Stuff - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
July 25th, 2008
09:57 am


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Some Thoughts on Fandom, Privacy, Money, and Other Stuff

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Date:July 26th, 2008 01:23 am (UTC)
First of all, you seem to have understood wneleh better than I did. She asked was there an advantage to not being secretive about fannish activities, and that's what I thought she meant so that's what I answered. I wasn't addressing the specific question of linking one's pseudonym to one's real identity, although I will in my response to her response, since it seems that *was* what she was getting at.

Secondly, ime when I do talk about my fannish pursuits, people who are interested ask a number of questions and one of them is usually "Where can I read your stuff?" At that point I am in the position of either telling them the name I write under or refusing to. I emphatically do *not* view giving them access to my stories as "TMI" - they're written to be read.

And that's why I think your analogy with sex is way off base, at least in my Weltenschauung. I view sex as a very private activity. I don't talk about my sex life in public at all, and in private only with very few people. But my stories are out on public websites to be read by total strangers, and I think that's true of most fanfic writers. So it doesn't seem to me that wanting to hide one's fiction from cow-orkers is analogous at all to not showing pictures of oneself having sex to cow-orkers unless you're putting those pictures out on public websites for total strangers to see but not wanting your cow-orkers to know it's you.

Actually - and I realize this is a digression, but if you can't digress on your own lj, where can you? - one of the reasons I write slash is that I think writing about sex is really interesting but I don't want to write anything about my own sexual behavior or anything that might be construed as about my own sexual behavior because I do feel strongly that my sex life is private. So writing about men having sex gives me a distance that makes me more comfortable.
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