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Mo's Journal

Fanfic, Thoughts about Fanfic, and Occasional Updates on My Life

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16 September 1955
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My name is Dale Rosenberg and I write fanfic under the name "Mo" - short for Morgan Ginsberg. Ginsberg is a family name of mine and Morgan is just a name I like. I write X-Men slash, mostly Scott/Logan. I got into livejournal through fanfic circles, so I use my fanfic name here mostly.

I live in NYC with my three kids. I'm a lesbian mother. I used to work in IT, in financial regulation, then brokerage, then public health. Now I work for a social work agency, doing adoption facilitation. I'm involved in a lot of community activities. I'm on a lot of email lists.

I'm pretty out about writing slash, but I'm still happy to have a pseudonym. It's mostly so someone googling me doesn't find a few professional references, a few more articles on lesbian parenting and a gazillion stories about mutant superheroes who have sex with each other. First impressions are important.

Some more info about me is in the following entries:
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